Israel Crushes Palestine Both Economically & Militarily

Written By Yuge Politics - April 1st, 2017

Possibly the most controversial foreign issue today is the ongoing Israeli- Palestinian conflict. This is the ultimate feud between the Jewish state of Israel and essentially the rest of the Arab world. The Palestinians have claimed the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza strip from Israel, causing political and cultural chaos. This conflict has also been a massive hot button issue in the United States, with Liberal Democrats advocating in favor of the Palestinians and the Republicans supporting Israel. Nonetheless let’s compare Israel and the Palestinian territories both militarily and economically to see which nation is superior in strength.

Israel Economically Crushes Palestine

By far the economy is the most substantial strength of Israel, and at the same time the most substantial weakness to Palestine. Israel blows Palestine away in terms of GDP per capita, with Israel having a GDP per capita of $33,116 as of 2015 (1), while Palestine was a GDP per capita of a mere $1,997 as of 2016 (2). What these numbers mean is that the average Israeli lives a financially much better life than that of average Palestinian does. In fact the average Israeli citizen makes approximately 16.58 times what the average Palestinian makes. Additionally the GDP per capita of Palestine is so low that it is similar to the GDP per capita of the Eastern African nation of Djibouti.

Israel crushes Palestine in terms of GDP per capita, but what about in terms of total GDP. The total GDP of Palestine is a very low $8 Billion as of 2016 (3), while Israel’s GDP is a whopping $299.4 Billion as of 2015. This is a very impressive margin for Israel, with its GDP being 37.425 times that of Palestine. Clearly Israel holds the economic advantage over Palestine, with a much higher GDP per capita and total GDP.

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