Trump's Impeachment Is Like The Tyler Impeachment, Political

Written By Yuge Politics - June 18th, 2017

The mainstream media has gone into total offensive on the White House grounds. They have viciously called on Trump’s immediate impeachment, and, with the help of the democrats, are making Trump’s presidency seem evermore suspicious. The same political onslaught happened, albeit unsuccessfully, to America’s 10th President John Tyler.

John Tyler was nominated to be the vice president by the Whig’s on William Henry Harrison’s ticket. Tyler’s pick was purely political, with the move seen to be a way to attract “states’ rights” southern voters. Moreover Tyler was a democratic-republican, which at the time was the Whig party’s opposition. The campaign strategy to get votes worked, and William Henry Harrison successfully was elected the 9th President of the United States. Unforeseen to the Whig party however was the death of then President Harrison, which happened just one month after his tenure in the White House on April 4th, 1841.

The death of Harrison made John Tyler the 10th President (and at the time the youngest in American history). He was nicknamed “His Accidency”, and true to his name, he was the Whig parties mistake. The Whig party used Tyler as a political pawn, but, with the death of Harrison, Tyler was turned into the Democratic-Republican’s majestic queen.

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